Remote Video Analysis

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Remote Video Analysis


Don't live close enough to get a lesson?  Don't want to make the trek to Edmond?  Send us a video to analyze from the comfort of your own home.  Simply send us a downloadable link to your video, and we will send you a link to your video analysis. We will break down your stroke and highlight areas of improvement through audible feedback . We will also send you drill recommendations along with recommended exercises to do outside the pool to improve strength and range of motion.


1.  Using a waterproof camera or a phone in a waterproof case, have a friend capture a video of your stroke from the side underwater.  If you do not already own a waterproof case or an underwater camera, we recommend purchasing either a Hitcase, if you have an iPhone, or a GoPro camera.  Both of these have wide angle lenses that make it easy to film a swimmer's entire stroke.  Your video should be around 30 seconds in length. 

2.  Have your friend take a second video of your stroke from above the water from the side.  

3.  Upload both videos to a Dropbox account.  You can set up an account through or through the Dropbox app for smart phones or tablets.  

4.  Click the 'purchase' button below and fill out the form.  Copy your Dropbox links into the video link fields.

That's it!  We will email you back an analysis of your video within the next week.  If you have any questions please message us.  

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