**Featured in Oklahoma Sports & Fitness Magazine**


"A great set up for improving technique and gaining inspiration from two of my favorite people!" -Coach David Marsh, CEO/Head Elite Coach SWIMMAC Carolina and head women's coach for 2016 OLYMPICS 

"I credit Coach Meyer with my transformation in the water.  Seven months ago I couldn't even swim 25 meters. This November I finished my first full Ironman and my swim was one of my strongest legs.  I completed 2.4 miles in just over on hour and twenty minutes.  I was stoked!" -Scott Hines, Ironman triathlete/KFOR In Your Corner News Reporter

"Last night I went to the pool and just did those drills/ swam 500 yards to kind of practice the new stroke before my open water swim tonight... And it was night and day difference. I actually had fun swimming. All that to say thank you!"  -Natalie, triathlete

"I've worked with a few swim Coaches and so far you are the most awesome coach. You're able to break things down thoroughly." -Ellisa, triathlete

"Thank YOU so much! Everyone enjoyed the clinic and the lessons so much!! I've gotten a lot of feedback from the participants and 100% of it has been positive. Everyone felt like they gained some valuable information and got some great tools to use to improve their swimming. Your expertise and ability to teach are amazing! My husband and I enjoyed getting to know you as well! People are already asking about having you back. So, yes we would love to have you back! Have a safe trip home and get rested up. We'll stay in touch. Good luck with your training and racing."      -Kansas River Valley Triathlon Club, Wichita tri clinic 8/2014

"Also, wanted to share a story from yesterday, Claire and I were playing at the pool and she was swimming on a noodle type floatie and fell off when I was about 10 feet from her.  She went all the way to the bottom and then swam her way back to the surface and took a breath in the approxmately 4 seconds it took me to get to her.  And she didn't cry!  I was so proud.  Thanks for doing such a great job with her!  Also, while on vacation, I asked her if she wanted to go down to the hotel pool and swim, and she said she wanted to swim with Laura Beth." -Scott, Father of 2 year old learning to swim

"Thanks Laura Beth..  I really enjoyed the lesson this morning too! Felt good to leave the water with a positive experience to replace the negative from the swim at my last race!" -Mark, triathlete

"I have so much to tell you! I swam Arcadia Monday, and the water was actually choppy, so I was nervous, but I ended up doing really well! And I actually did bilateral breathing. It helped so much! And yesterday I used my lunch hour to swim and ended up lapping the guy in the lane next to me. It was crazy!" -Natalie, triathlete