Private Lessons

If you're a triathlete, competitive swimmer, recreational swimmer, or a parent desiring swim safety for your child, then you've come to the right place! We offer highly trained swim expertise, private coaching, stroke analysis, and technologically advanced training in our Elite Endless Pool to help you achieve your goals for your next triathlon, swim meet, or swim workout. With every private lesson we utilize our coaching expertise and the latest technology to accelerate and maximize your learning potential.  Our unique swimming environment is the best option to make you a faster and more efficient swimmer in Oklahoma and the surrounding area.  Message us today to set up a lesson!

Competitive swimmer and triathlete lessons include:

  • 30-minutes of technique based instruction in our Endless Pool Elite
  • Visual feedback through 2 under water mirrors and 1 above water backstroke mirror
  • Instantaneous video feedback from 3 movable underwater video cameras
  • Drill instruction to breakdown your stroke and target your weaknesses
  • Meyer Swim Technique swim cap upon completion of your 4th lesson

Child learn to swim lessons


 From toddlers to young adolescents, we offer a highly-successful, fun and innovative way for your child to learn to swim correctly, safely and quickly. In our warm water Endless Pool, your child will quickly discover both confidence and joy in the water through individualized instruction. By utilizing innovative technology including instant video feedback and mirrors on the bottom the pool, even the youngest new swimmers learn the correct technique, can apply what they learn instantly, and quickly gain the skills they need to be water safe. In addition, because they are learning the most correct methods of swimming, they will have a stronger foundation to continue to improve and excel in swimming as they grow. As a parent, you can find comfort in knowing your child is receiving professional one-on-one instruction catered toward his or her learning style and prior aquatic experience.


  • 30 minute session for the competitive swimmer or triathlete $40
  • 30 minute session for child learn to swim $30


If you feel that one of your friends would benefit from a session with Coach Laura Beth then we will credit you with a half price 30 minute session upon the completion of their first lesson.

Aquatic Therapy

For children with behavioral deficits, sensory integration challenges, and Autism spectrum disorders, aquatic therapy conducted as outpatient pediatric Occupational Therapy has been proven successful through enhancing sensory regulation and decreasing behavioral outbursts post-session.

 The slow current of the Endless Pool and 360 of aquatic stimuli provides deep pressure to help your child enhance motor skills, integrate sensory input, and decrease sensory-seeking behavior in a fun atmosphere with a license Occupational Therapist.  Your child can start the healing process today while learning to love the water and gain a stronger level of self-confidence.

Remote Video Analysis

Don't live close enough to get a lesson?  Don't want to make the trek to Edmond?  Send us a video to analyze from the comfort of your own home.  Simply send us a downloadable link to your video, and we will send you a link to your video analysis. We will break down your stroke and highlight areas of improvement through audible feedback . We will also send you drill recommendations along with recommended exercises to do outside the pool to improve strength and range of motion.   Click here for more information.

Swim Clinics

Let us travel to a pool near you and put on a triathlete oriented swim clinic.  Clinics include a series of very detailed presentations with pictures and video breaking down proper freestyle technique followed by practical pool based sessions.  In addition to teaching freestyle stroke mechanics we will be covering triathlon and open water specific strategies such as swimming around marker buoys, sighting, and decreasing panic.  Typically we have a 6-7 hour day of group instruction followed by a day of optional private lessons.  Please message us for more information!